"I have been a volunteer in our community my for the past 13 years. I am a mom, volunteer, sister, friend, auntie and daughter. For the past 13 years, I have been actively volunteering in my community for organizations such as Junior League Yakima, Junior Leagues of Washington State, 11th Ave Ballet (Art In Motion), The Seasons Performance Hall, Yakima Schools Foundation, Safe Yakima Youth Coalition, a member of the local NAACP, and in 2019, I was elected to serve a term as the President of the Board for YWCA Yakima. I am passionate about children's education, the arts, adult and child mental health access, getting multi-lingual education for ALL kids, and pitching in to protect my community residents from their domestic abusers."


I am yearning for a community that supports multi-language education for all of our kids. This means that I will support legislation that seeks funding for educators to teach both English and Spanish to Pre-K through 12th grades in public schools.


I will also support legislation to have our primary schools teach American Sign Language (ASL).


Children are most apt to learn multiple languages during their early formative years, and in our neck of the woods, being multi-lingual will not only aide in them securing better jobs, but have better communication with our neighbors and community members.

Our current official voted "NO" on a bill to allow public schools to introduce Ethnic studies, and voted "NO" for allowing tribal culture and history to be taught in Washington state schools. The land we live on his originally tribal land, so why is anyone opposed to learning about this history and understanding of tribal ancestors? Washington state is made up of a multitude of cultures and ethnicities, and all our stories deserve to be given the respect they are overdue.

I also want all kids to be taught financial literacy skills so that they can learn about what makes economies thrive, how to save, and how the stock market works. There is no greater time for children to learn than while they are still in school, and I will fight for funding to get financial education put down on the priorities' list.


For far too long, our senate legislative district has been led by men, including men who turned a blind eye to the plight of various minority groups, and that tradition needs to end. No matter who represents our district, they need to include advocating for inclusivity and greater support for the under-privileged.

I want to help lift up the voices of those who are afraid to speak up because they live in fear of retaliation. I have the courage to stand up for you. I am ready to lead the way and speak out for children, families, neighbors, and friends in our community.​

Mental Health

In many school districts, there is a months-long waiting list for elementary students to receive a visit with a mental and behavioral health social worker or counselor. Now that our students are immersed in a hybrid homeschool environment, what our children and parents need is accessibility to affordable mental health counselors, more than ever before.


Minority students are oftentimes lacking a counselor who represents their ethnic, cultural, or language background, and this can negatively impact their behavioral progress at home and in the community-at-large.


I will search for ways to increase access to counselors and social workers who actually reflect the racial background and languages of under-served children and families in our communities.


It is my mission to fight for the expansion of Workforce Education grants to include single parents and adult members of underrepresented minorities who wish to attend vocational, trade and technical schools.


This expansion will help our residents gain competitive skills and earn trade certificates needed to compete for those higher-wage industries and tech jobs, putting more money back into our economy.


I also want these Workforce Education grants to include child care vouchers, especially for single parents. I don't want anyone else to have to go through the ordeal and humiliation of withdrawing from school like I did because I could not afford someone to watch my child.


I want to continue the fight for getting cleaner soil and water for our farmer's crops, cleaner air to breathe in our region, and making sure our wildfire and forest workers have the resources they need to be successful at what they do.


I want cell phone service providers to step their game up and provide us extended cell phone towers and upgrade their WiFi coverage to include our rural areas, especially.

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