Community Leader Advocating for Equitable Outcomes in our District for the Under-Served

One of the mottos in my life is, "Work smarter, not harder." I believe that our public officials can and should find smarter solutions to solve some of the issues we face in our communities.

We all deserve to live in a community that supports our children getting the education and mental health support they need, encouraging growth for the whole child.


We all deserve to get access to the job skills we need to make better wages that prevent a life of undue financial stress.


We all deserve to thrive in a community that respects our personal backgrounds, cultures, languages, and ethnicities.

We all deserve to have public officials who show up to support each member in our community, and when this happens, we have a win-win situation where we each have easier access to flourish and nourish our minds, bodies, and hearts here in our state.

Reesha Cosby


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